Evaporative Cooling Explained

You can cool your home through a ducted air cooling system known as evaporative cooling. This system uses a number of vents and ducts to filter the outside air throughout the interior of the home, and the system does not take up space inside the home but rests on your roof. This is a great idea for dry climate areas, and evaporative cooling has low installation costs and is inexpensive to run. This is actually the cheapest option for home cooling on the market, when you compare it to other ducted unit choices.

Evaporative cooling systems continuously resupply replenish the air within your home. It pushes the old air out of your home through the windows and doors, and every few minutes it replenishes your air supply to bring in fresh air from outside. This is great for people who suffer from hay fever, asthma, dust mite allergies and other allergies. It can alleviate their symptoms and ensure they are breathing fresh air, which is far safer than refrigerated systems that make use of recirculated air.

evaporative cooling
evaporative cooling

Split-System Air Conditioners

If you want to save energy while keeping your room or office space cool, consider purchasing a split system air conditioner. These are systems that have been split into two separate parts- one part is mounted indoors and is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and the other part is an outdoor compressor placed into a small metal shell.

A single split system air conditioner is great for individual rooms. How large the unit needs to be will depend on the space it needs to provide cooling or heating for. A small room would probably benefit from a 2.5 kW split system. You would need to upgrade to a larger unit for larger rooms.

If you need more than one air conditioner in your home, you may want to consider a multi split system. This kind of system utilizes a multi split compressor, and the outdoor component can operate through multiple head units placed throughout the home.

Some units are Wi-Fi enabled, which allows you to control the unit with a smart phone rather than a remote control.

Evaporative Coolers at Work

The process of evaporative cooling starts by sending cold water into the system’s filter pads. After this step, the fan will send warm outside air through those saturated filter pads. This decreases the temperature of the air and gets rid of any dust, pollen and other irritants and pollutants. It helps to purify the air before it is sent through the ducts.

Ducts and vents connect to the system will be placed strategically throughout the home and will send cool air into the home, making your rooms comfortable and breezy.

If you want fresh air throughout your home, evaporative cooling is the simple solution. It replaces the air that is inside your home with outside air that has been cooled. It replenishes the air already there to keep your home smelling fresh and to ensure the circulation of fresh air.

How Much Does It Cost to Run an Evaporative Cooler?

Evaporative cooling systems can be as much as 50% cheaper than other ducted refrigeration systems. Installation and operational costs can both be cheaper than comparative systems.

This is also a sustainable air cooling installation system, with a low annual energy cost that can be hundreds of dollars cheaper than similar systems for the same area. Many people save over $200 a year by choosing evaporative cooling as opposed to another refrigerated air conditioning system.

So, evaporative cooling is more cost effective than other kinds of ducted air conditioning, and it emits fewer greenhouse gases. That makes it a more environmentally friendly solution for keeping your home cool.

The Benefits of Evaporative Cooling

Why should you choose evaporative cooling for your home? It is considered one of the healthiest methods for keeping your home comfortably cool. It uses natural processes that cool the air. The air is cooled through the system using water and at the same time dust, fallen, and other irritants will be removed from the airflow. This helps to reduce irritation in your sinuses, throat, eyes, and skin. It is far less irritating than other air cooling systems.

It Keeps Air Clean

Evaporative cooling systems continuously resupply replenish the air within your home. It pushes the old air out of your home through the windows and doors, and every few minutes it replenishes your air supply to bring in fresh air from outside. This is great for people who suffer from hay fever, asthma, dust mite allergies and other allergies. It can alleviate their symptoms and ensure they are breathing fresh air, which is far safer than refrigerated systems that make use of recirculated air.

Low Cost and Good for the Environment

Refrigerated air conditioning systems will use gas that can harm the environment. However, evaporative cooling will use water instead. This lowers the temperature in a safe and effective way, and it is actually more efficient then a refrigerated cooling period that means it uses fewer resources and cost you less overall, saving you on your electric bill. So for your evaporative cooling repair needs, call MJS Plumbing.

Split-System Air Conditioners

Efficient Design

There are a number of portable air conditioners and split systems to choose from, and we always tell our customers to choose a reliable brand that is well known. The brands we work with most often are Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric, and Rinnai.

We recommend any person considering buying one of these units consult with a professional to determine the best position for the unit, as well as the right power and size for the unit to provide adequate cooling comfort in your home. You have to consider annual heating and cooling requirements of your home and pick a system that will be long lasting and durable and that is suitable for the Australian environment.

Our team can help you find the right split air system that is right for your home that is also cost effective.

Repair and Maintenance for Split Systems

Our customers love how efficient and affordable split air systems are, and they are particularly suitable for small apartments and homes.

To ensure that your support system runs efficiently, our experts can provide regular maintenance on your system. They will inspect the wiring and clean out the filters as well as perform other tasks to ensure the unit functions properly all year long. If you use MJS Plumbing to install your system, our support team will contact you when the unit is due to be serviced. That way, you won’t have to remember yourself.

The Benefits of a Split System Air Conditioner

If you’re considering buying air conditioner, then keep on reading to learn about its benefits. Are you looking to stay cool this summer? A split system air conditioner can give you instant relief as soon as you get home. If you want to upgrade your AC system, then consider upgrading to a split system for more powerful, cost effective home cooling.

These systems can be used to work in individual rooms as well as larger areas like office spaces. They can even be set up to work in multiple rooms by connecting the condenser with copper piping. A multi split system can connect as many as eight rooms on one outdoor unit, and each room would have individual temperature control.

These systems come in different sizes, but most people use a wall mounted unit. These are suitable for both houses and apartments since they only have two parts to install. A traditional cooler, on the other hand, requires ductwork and ventilation throughout the entire home.

How much will it cost you to run a split air conditioner?

A split system can be very economical for a home with window mounted home cooling units. How much money you save by switching out your system will depend on which system you use and how you use it. We recommend some of the higher end brands, like Hitachi, Rinnai, and Mitsubishi Electric. These are all dependable brands with quality parts and good product warranties.

How much money you save by switching out your system depends on how much you use the system and how suitable the system is to the room you want to install it in.

There are a few things you can do to keep your costs down, though.

You can pick a brand that is highly rated. A high star rating determines how energy efficient the device is and can give you a good indicator of the kind of savings you can expect.

Setting your thermometer at the right temperature is key to saving money as well. It should be set between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius in summertime. If you set it lower than 24 degrees Celsius, that can increase your costs by as much as 10% per degree.

It also helps to keep sunlight out during the day, so closing blinds and curtains will help.

Be sure to close windows when running your system in a room. This allows cool air to move more freely and prevents hot air from coming in.

Look for any drafts or cracks that could allow hot air in. Be sure to insulate your home so that the system doesn’t have to work as hard. At night, you may want to open your windows for natural cooling and turn off your split system.

Our final tip is to keep your system well maintained. If you see that it is not running like it should be, be sure to notify a technician. If you wait to fix a problem with your system, it could cost you more in the long run.

Why choose a split air system?

There are definitely some advantages to using a split system air conditioning unit, and we have compiled some of the main ones here for your consideration.

It’s Very Affordable

You can save money with a split air conditioning system whether you are switching out your old system or installing a system for the first time in a new building. The split air system saves you money by consuming less power than other kinds of units.

You also won’t have to install a lot of duct work for this kind of system, and it uses less energy when powering up and when cooling a single room. The cost of the system itself can be fairly low depending on which system you buy as well.

It Operates Quietly

The split air conditioning unit is remarkably quiet. Anyone who is used to other types of AC units know that they can be very loud, especially when you first turn them on and they power up. An AC unit that runs all night can keep you awake and make it hard to get restful sleep. They can disturb your TV watching and make it hard to carry on a conversation or phone call near the unit.

Ductless air conditioner units are much quieter, with some units running as low as 19 decibels. You can also place the unit just about anywhere you want in the room, so it can be installed away from where you spend most of your time.

It Provides Improved Air Quality

The quality of the air inside your home is important for many people, especially those who live in busy urban areas. In many homes, the indoor air quality is worse than the polluted air outside. This alarming statistic comes from the Department of Environment and Energy.

The majority of split air systems include filters that keep out humidity and dust. They protect the rooms they service from allergens and pollutants, making it easier to breathe properly and helping to minimize allergy symptoms and asthma attacks. These systems also get rid of stale air by refreshing the air in the room, which makes it difficult for mold to grow period of course, mold can be quite harmful for anyone who has respiratory problems or other health issues.

You Can Control Temperature Independently

Everyone is different and has their preferred environmental temperature. The temperature that’s right for one person might be almost unbearable for another. If you use a multi split system, everyone can adjust their temperature to their own ideal. Each separate room of the house can have its own unit with personally adjustable temperature.

They Are Visually Appealing

Window mounted air conditioning units can be unpleasant to look at. On top of that, they often leak water into the home, staining carpets and ruining floors over time.

With a split unit, you have a less invasive cooling unit that can be placed just about anywhere in your home. The unit can be installed as far as 30 meters from the outdoor component, which allows you lots of room to work with.

You could also pick the color you want to match your home’s decor. How cool is that!

Stay Cool During the Hottest Months

When summertime comes, will your home be ready? Why sweat through the hottest time of year when you could have a split system air conditioner installed to keep you cool?

We can help you pick the right system, with suitable size and power for your space. We can supply the unit for you and install it, ensuring it provides maximum cooling and energy efficiency.

Feel free to request a quote over the phone or come visit our showroom to see what models we have available. Know that you can trust MJS Plumbing to help you pick the right split system air conditioning unit for your home.

Why You Should Choose Us

It’s not easy to choose the right cooling system for your home, especially since there are so many choices out there. Once you start looking for the right cooling system to buy, it can be overwhelming assessing all the options out there. MJS Plumbing makes things simple for you by offering the best products at the best price. Our team of professionals can install you evaporative cooling system for you add an affordable, competitive price.

When you choose us as your evaporative cooling installers, you can be assured of high-quality service endurable, reliable parts. All of our team members are well trained and experienced, and they ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. We not only install your evaporative cooling system, but we also provide ongoing maintenance and service for the systems throughout the area.

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We make it easy to choose the right home cooling system. We install many of these systems each week, so you can rest easy knowing that professionals are on the job and that the installation process will go quickly and efficiently. We can help you with your decision making, identifying the system that will work best for your home and your needs.

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